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Massage Exchange Therapy Swaps London Surrey & UK

By way of introduction - My name is Simon, aged in my forties and I am a genuine, fully-trained, straight English male massage therapist seeking a female massage therapist for massage exchange and any other holistic therapy swaps SW London, Greater London, Surrey and other locations throughout the UK

Please visit my main massage website for more details about myself and my massage therapies.

I am personally based on the borders of Wandsworth SW18 and East Putney / Putney SW15 in SW London, South-West London and I can travel to cover all areas of SW London for massage exchange therapy swaps.

I can travel to cover all areas of South London, North London, East London, West London and Central London for massage exchange therapy swaps.

I can also travel to cover all areas of Surrey for massage exchange therapy swaps.

I am able to travel to other areas Nationwide UK with advance notice including all areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, New Forest, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex for massage exchange therapy swaps.

If perchance you are another massage therapist or beauty therapist viewing this website, then I am currently seeking the use of a private massage therapy treatment room to work from.

I would prefer to be situated within any of the SW London areas, but I am open to any other areas in London too so if you do have a space that you are willing to share or rent then please feel free to contact me with more details.

I would be interested in a straight swap of holistic healing massage, therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage and a deeply relaxing massage or any style of massage for relaxation.

I also really enjoy Lomi Lomi massage so an exchange of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage would be amazing.

Sometimes I feel the need for a more manipulative, deep-tissue massage so if you are a chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath then this would be of interest too.

As well as seeking massage exchange therapy swaps with genuine female massage therapists or students of massage, I would also be very interested to hear from any female beauty therapists who offer massage and waxing treatments in connection with my life modelling, Thai massage therapists, Chinese massage, Oriental massage or medicine, fitness instructors, personal trainers, pilates teachers, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists as hynotherapy intrigues me as well as acupuncture.

So if you feel that a mutual exchange of any style of therapies might benefit then I would welcome your contact with me.

I am open with my exchanges so if I have missed a therapy that you may offer then please still feel free to make contact with me as nothing ventured then nothing gained.

I have previously exchanged massage and other therapy swaps over the past ten years with ladies / therapists aged between circa 20 - 70 so age is an abstract concept when it comes to massage exchange or therapy swaps.


I do also offer a more sensually soothing style of massage universally known as Tantric massage.

I must state for the record and for your absolute assurances that I am a consummate, professional massage therapist offering genuine holistic relaxing therapeutic massage therapies for your general health, wellness and well-being.

I always keep a very strict definitive divide between my bookings for holistic therapeutic Swedish massage or other massage therapies for relaxation offered within my main massage website and my more sensual massage therapy treatments detailed within a completely separate and dedicated website.

Some of my more discerning clientele sometimes like to enjoy the best of both worlds with a blissful blend and calming combination of all styles of massage within one treatment.

I further assure you that I will always remain within your comfort zones and personal boundaries observing professional etiquette at all times during our massage exchange or therapy swap if you choose to exchange holistic relaxing therapeutic Swedish style massage for well-being / wellness, deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi style massage or the more sensually soothing style of massage.

So in essence, if you are just seeking a massage exchange therapy swap with the massage therapies outlined and detailed within this website, then that is all that I will offer and all that you can expect as though you were exchanging therapies with a professional massage therapy treatment / massage therapist working out of a private treatment room, in a health spa, beauty salon spa or perhaps a health club.

If perchance my more sensual, soothing style of deeply relaxing, pampering massage is of interest to you or intrigues you, then please peruse my Sensual Massage Website

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